tanning specials

I was searching for the best tanning specials in Anchorage compared with regular prices for sunbeds and stand ups. A monthly unlimited special compared to tanning packages.

Here are the results and if this helps, share it:
Need more sun
for a

better price?
quartz lamps used
for body and face
Single session rate
plan with
high pressure
quartz lamps
Low-pressure fluorescent lamps used for the body in beds and stand-ups
Single session rate
Exposure schedule recommends average
skin or (fair *) use
maximum time in;
Flash Tan $12 to $48 $39.99 none One week (*)
Sunsation $36 to $54 none $7 to $24 4 to 5 weeks
Sun Solution $44 none $11 to $24.20 4 to 5 weeks
Tanning Zone $45 none $10 to $18 4 to 5 weeks
Run To The Sun none none $10 to $27.50 4 to 5 weeks
Color Me Tan none none $11 to $24.20 4 to 5 weeks
Sun City none none $7 to $18 4 to 5 weeks
Sunrise Sun Spa none none $7.50 to $15 4 to 5 weeks
quartz lamps
Tanning power for high-pressure quartz lamps
is over 75.0 mW/cm2 total UV.
fluorescent lamps
Tanning power for low-pressure fluorescent lamps
is less than 25.0 mW/cm2 total UV.

Treasure hunting on the beach...
What is the difference between high-pressure and low-pressure?
Low-pressure tanning is characterized by having high levels of UVB whereas high-pressure tanning has increased levels of UVA and lower levels of UVB. Higher levels of UVA help the tan to last longer allowing your skin to maintain a normal exfoliation process. When the UVB is reduced, as with high-pressure, the risk of burning is very small proportionally to getting a deep and dark tan.

What would be the perfect tanning light?
The perfect tanning light has enough UVB to stimulate production of melanin, the highest tanning power as possible delivered by UVA, production of vitamin D, the revitalizing benefits of visible light and the warmth of near Infrared. This balanced combination can only be found in Full Spectrum therapy tanning.

Groupon and Living Social don't always offer the best deals. Find a deal at tanning salon specials in Anchorge.